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Luton to King’s Cross Station Transfer – Best Way to Commute from Luton to king’s Cross Station

Luton to King’s Cross Station Transfer

It might be painful for you if you are arriving at Luton Airport and looking to move forward to King’s Cross Station. No doubt there are trains running all the night but there are long gaps of up to an hour between the trains so you have to wait. Also the option for getting the train is not as easy as you have to take the shuttle to the nearest railway station like Luton Airport Parkway where you have to wait for train going to King’s Cross Station. On weekdays there are trains from Luton Airport which cross London but at weekends and in night service for across London is not easily available.

As Luton is fair way out of London so its worth to hire Luton to King’s Cross Station Transfer as it’s more convenient in terms of time and comfort. It’s better to take direct Luton to King’s Cross Station transfer rather than switching with the entire luggage. 247 Luton Airport Transfer provides transfer service across London even at the time of Christmas when no other options are available. We not only provide services 24/7 but also take care of everything from your safety to comfort.

Benefits for hiring Luton to King’s Cross Station transfer with 247 Luton Airport Transfer:

  • All our cabs are neat and clean.
  • Professional drivers with background checks.
  • Free wi-fi in the car with flight monitoring.
  • Easy card payment in the car.
  • 50% cheaper than Black cabs.
  • 92% customer satisfaction rate.
  • 10% off on your first ride.

No other travel option from Luton to king’s Cross Station can match with the price, comfort and security we provide. Whether you are alone or with the family members, we provide you the vehicle which suits your travel need. So contact us now to enjoy the comfortable ride with us.


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