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Luton to Victoria Station Transfer

Luton to Victoria Station Transfer

London Luton Airport might not be the busiest airport in the capital city of the United Kingdom, but it represents nonetheless an accessible means of transport, especially for those travelers that do not have a large budget at their disposal or for Londoners that live in the northern districts of London. Although it only provides one terminal, there is a number of interesting airline companies that offer their services, most of them giving low-cost plane tickets. This is ideal mainly for large families. The flights are cheap, but they are safe, at the same time.

Another accessible mean of transport that is rather familiar to British people, but also for the great number of annual visitors, is represented by Victoria Railway Station and Victoria Coach Station. We have provided below a number of warm recommendations in case you need to get from Luton Airport to Victoria area in the future. You can definitely choose one, as they are suitable for each type of budget, schedule, and number of passengers. We hope that they are useful in your search for the perfect holiday.

Moreover, do not think that once you have arrived in Victoria Station area you cannot go to another district without paying a large amount of money on different means of transport. In case you have planned to use an Oyster card during your stay in London, you can easily access other railways, bus, and Tube stations that are situated right next to Victoria Station. For example, by using Paddington Railway Station, King’s Cross Railway Station or St Pancras International Station you can practically be in any place in the capital of the United Kingdom and even in European destinations as fast as you can say “travel”.

We have to admit that if you decide to travel to an unknown country for the first time and you manage to do the proper research regarding the local means of transport, you have the freedom to stay in any place, see any important touristic attraction and do whatever activity makes you feel better and relaxed. Because this is what a holiday is resumed to, in the end.

Rail Transport from Luton to Victoria Railway Station:

In order to get a Luton to Victoria Railway Station Transfer by rail, you have the bus from Luton Airport Bus Station (every 10 minutes – line 888), followed by a train from Luton Airport Parkway (every 20 minutes) via King’s Cross St. Pancras (every 5 minutes) and then just have a 3 minute walk. This whole journey takes about 49 minutes. Another option would be to take the bus from Luton Airport Bus Station (every 20 minutes) via Marylebone, York Street (W1) (every 5 minutes – line 2) and finally enjoy a short walk of 4 minutes. This journey will take about 1 hour and 24 minutes.

Road Transport from Luton to Victoria Station:

Luton to Victoria Station Transfer by car can be done by taking the M1 motorway. Luton Airport is at a 33.2 miles distance from Victoria Railway Station. This journey will take about 46 minutes, without including traffic.

Transfer from Luton to Victoria Station:

Luton to Victoria Station Transfer with 247 Airport Transfer is going to take about 1 hour and 30 minutes, including rush hour traffic. The price for a Luton to Victoria Station Taxi starts from 63 GBP.

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